We hope that Ridzon Farms Today will become your go-to website for all things homesteading-related online. We can assist you if you want to start keeping livestock like mini milking cows, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep or if you want to raise a small or large flock of chickens.

Or perhaps you wish to discover more about specific plants. In numerous gardening regions across the country, we have learned about gardening. We enjoy sharing our top success advice as we continue to develop and learn.

Perhaps you want to learn how to preserve fresh food, start making some preparations for the future, or you just need assistance choosing a portable generator for your camping trips. We can assist.

Simple is our aim: We would like to impart what we have discovered from our experience to:

  • implementing both minor and major changes to lead a wholesome and sustainable lifestyle
  • gardening, using soilless gardening techniques, growing in greenhouses, and composting
  • raising chickens for both meat and eggs, including breed descriptions
  • raising animals for food, milk, and fiber, such as sheep, goats, pigs, miniature cows, full-size cattle, llamas, and alpacas, as well as providing breed profiles for each animal
  • Emergency planning and food preservation and storage
  • Rainwater collection, solar energy, and off-grid lifestyle
  • Portable and standby generators, practical tools, and agricultural equipment
  • many more

Keep in mind that you don't have to live off-the-grid to be completely sustainable! Begin modestly. Find out what you are interested in for your property (or patio or balcony). Find out what you can do by contacting your town or city. then take one action to bring it about. Once the first step has been completed successfully, move on to the second and third.