Step-by-Step, Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, and Requirements for Poultry Farming in Odisha

Step-by-Step, Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, and Requirements for Poultry Farming in Odisha

Poultry farming is a popular, environmentally beneficial method of producing meat and eggs. Many things need to be taken into account when starting a chicken farm, such as the business plan, setup costs, profit margins, and needs. In Odisha, poultry farming is a lucrative industry with significant profit potential. It is a business with an agricultural foundation that grows chickens for their meat, eggs, and feathers.

How to begin raising poultry in Odisha

Size of the poultry industry in Odisha

In Odisha, chicken farming has a broad range and encompasses both industrial and commercial output. Industrial poultry production provides eggs for many industries, whereas commercial poultry farming concentrates on producing birds for meat or eggs. Many advantages come with starting a chicken farm, including the provision of healthy, fresh food, the creation of jobs, and support for the local economy.

Successful chicken production in Odisha depends on good soil quality and an effective irrigation system. Numerous poultry farms in the state are in charge of producing eggs, chicken, ducks, and other poultry products. Poultry farming is a lucrative company that can be started with little capital. You must create a cost estimate and have a business plan.

The cost of setup includes buying land, construction supplies, and poultry equipment. The production of eggs and meat is the primary goal of chicken farming. The most prevalent breed of poultry is the chicken, although other species include turkeys, ducks, geese, and pigeons. If you have the correct setup and are knowledgeable about what to do, poultry farming can be successful. The following will be in the business strategy for chicken farming in Odisha:

  • Calculate the startup costs for a chicken farm. This covers the tools, food, and shelter you need for your birds.
  • Determine your profit margins depending on sales, expenses of manufacturing, and other factors.
  • Before beginning to operate your farm, be sure you have the required licenses and permits.

Conditions for raising poultry in Odisha

A thorough business strategy for poultry farming is necessary, along with accurate setup expenses. Feed, housing, water supply, veterinarian care, and health services are all necessary inputs for chicken farming. In addition to these inputs, there are additional expenses related to raising poultry, such as hiring personnel, marketing, etc. Profit from raising poultry is influenced by the cost of feed, chicken eggs, and broilers.

Other key factors to take into account when growing chickens include giving them enough room to move freely, ensuring sufficient ventilation, and providing them with adequate cover from the sun or rain during bad weather. Having enough acreage is one of the most crucial aspects when starting a poultry farm. For every 10,000 birds you intend to rear, you will require at least 1 hectare of land.

Additionally, a lot of water must be available for cleaning and drinking on chicken farms. To thrive, chickens need a lot of food and feed. Make sure you purchase the appropriate feed for your birds. To prevent your birds from becoming too accustomed to one sort of food, rotate your crops.

Odisha's small-scale poultry farming

Odisha's small-scale chicken farming has the potential to be a successful business venture. This is due to the fact that the state has enough of land, access to abundant water, and a climate that is suitable for raising chicken. The following are a few elements crucial to the success of small-scale chicken farming:

  • Small-scale poultry farming is possible in Odisha since substantial landholdings are not necessary.
  • Watering the birds is simple due to the abundance of water resources.
  • The state has a warm, humid climate that is perfect for growing chickens.

How to write a business plan for a chicken farm in Odisha

  1. In India, poultry farming is possible in a number of specialized markets. It's crucial to conduct market research on the markets that would best accept your goods and services before starting the farm.
  2. The amount of birds you wish to raise, your investment goals, and the region you are in all affect how big your farm will be. But it's wise to aim for at least 10 hectares (25 acres).
  3. The farm's location is also very important. To raise healthy hens, you'll need enough water, feed, and nutritious soil. Make sure the location you choose has a favorable environment and a low prevalence of pests and diseases. Choose a suitable place for your poultry farm and carry out site assessments to evaluate the quality of the soil and the accessibility of water supplies.
  4. You will require supplies to start a poultry farm, including homes for your birds, coops/runways/tractors, fencing material, chicken feeders, etc. Plan your production methods, including your choice of housing, your breeding stock, and your schedule for immunizations.
  5. To assist you in starting the farm, put together a group of knowledgeable experts and poultry producers.
  6. Securing land leases or buying rights from landowners or government organizations, if necessary.
  7. To reduce the health risks associated with chicken farming, make sure that correct sanitation and hygiene procedures are followed.
  8. Regular veterinary treatment is necessary to keep chickens healthy, and you may arrange this through a veterinarian or animal health advisor. Avian influenza (AI) poses a serious threat to Indian poultry farms, so make sure you receive a vaccination against it.
  9. Obtain all essential permits from the local government, such as authorization for building construction or modification on the land, clearance of the forest, an electrical connection, a water supply, etc.
  10. To maintain compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, regularly monitor environmental conditions while conducting farming operations.

Odisha's poultry producing techniques

  1. Cage-free systems involve removing the birds' habitat from the cage and allowing them to travel freely.
  2. The birds can fly around in free-range systems, but they must stay contained inside predetermined areas.
  3. Raising chickens in a sizable, enclosed space, like a barn, is known as barn raising.

Is Odisha's poultry farming profitable?

Poultry farming is a profitable industry in Odisha. The state is a great place for poultry farming because it contains a lot of birds and rich soil.

Step-by-Step, Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, and Requirements for Poultry Farming in Odisha

Good husbandry techniques for chicken producers in Odisha

Odisha's rich soil, plentiful water supply, and temperate climate make it a great place for poultry production. Additionally, raising hens and other poultry in Odisha is possible using numerous ethical husbandry techniques. These methods include giving the animals access to clean water, shelter from the sun and weather, and fresh food, preventing disease and pest infestations, and rearing young chicks for meat production.

Rules essential to beginning poultry farming in Odisha

  • The most popular breed of bird kept for meat production is the chicken, but other breeds of birds, such as turkeys, ducks, geese, quails, and pigeons, can also be raised. It's crucial to select the proper kind of bird based on how you plan to use the meat. For instance, while duck flesh can be utilized in cooking, chickens are better suited for producing meat.
  • Start out early: If you want to raise hens for a living in Odisha, you must start early. Make sure you obtain the necessary permits and/or licenses from the government before beginning your poultry farm in Odisha (e.g., local zoning regulations).
  • Additionally, your company needs a marketing plan to advertise your goods. You must account for the price of feed, space rental, labor, and equipment upkeep when determining your profit margins.
  • Cost to establish a poultry farm in Odisha
  • The first cost for starting a poultry farm in Odisha consists of buying food and housing for the animals. Fencing to keep birds safe from predators, chlorinated water for drinking and bathing, and medication to prevent illness could all incur additional costs. Starting a chicken farm in Odisha might cost between Rs 5-7 lakhs in setup fees. When your business strategy is complete, figure out your startup costs and profit margin.

Breeds of poultry available in Odisha

The rural residents of Odisha extensively rear native chickens such Hansli, Khairi, Kabri, Gujuri, Dumasil, Kalua, Vezaguda, Phulbani, Kalahandi, and Khadia.

In Odisha, some advice on growing poultry
Location: Because raising poultry demands a lot of land, you must make sure you have room for your animals. You'll also need access to clean water and a reliable supply of food.

Understanding the business plan is important since raising poultry involves significant up-front costs and preparation. To determine the number of acres needed for a flock, one must first determine how many birds are required for production. Feed costs, medical costs, and other operational costs should also be taken into account.

Finally, it's critical to develop a marketing plan that will advertise the goods to potential buyers. Feed for birds, chicken coops, and vaccinations for hens are additional crucial requirements. Estimated start-up expenses, profit margins, and other crucial data should be included in the business plan for chicken farming in Odisha.

Feed: Chickens need premium feed that is high in protein as well as other necessary vitamins and minerals. Feed might be produced on site or purchased from a provider. Make sure the feed you select complies with laws governing food safety.

Calculating start-up costs: Due to the requirement for suitable land, acceptable bird housing, and appropriate feed, producing poultry in Odisha might have a significant upfront cost.

ensuring that profits are feasible: A successful poultry farm depends on a number of variables, including sound management techniques, appropriate breeding stock selection, and precise production level predictions. Given the magnitude of the farm operation, it is also crucial to make sure that labor costs are affordable.

Loans and subsidies for poultry farming in Odisha

You need to apply for a business license from the local government before starting a chicken farm. Additionally, new poultry producers in Odisha have access to a number of loans and incentives. These include loans and grants provided by the government, loans and credit lines offered by the commercial sector, and programs for agricultural insurance. The farmer must submit a thorough due diligence procedure and have a proper business plan in order to be eligible for these loans and subsidies.

Poultry farmers in Odisha are eligible for a government subsidy program. The program offers a financial contribution of Rs 2,500 per hectare per year. The farmer must have a minimum annual production capacity of 1 million eggs in order to qualify for this incentive. Additionally, he must construct a biogas plant and use it for managing manure.

Odisha poultry farm issues
For individuals wishing to launch a small business, poultry farming is suitable. With its high production rates and relatively minimal setup expenses, it is a very profitable business. Planning and execution are essential to a successful chicken farming operation. Here are some issues that farmers in Odisha encounter:

Lack of knowledge about raising poultry

  • mediocre water and feed
  • Insufficient room for growing hens
  • restrictive rules and legislation that apply to chicken farming

Obstacles to poultry farming in Odisha

In Odisha, where the soil is fertile, there is a plenty of water, and the climate is temperate, keeping chickens is a lucrative business. The sector does, however, confront a number of difficulties, such as a lack of feedstocks, parasites and disease, and inadequate infrastructure.

To get past these obstacles, farmers can use contemporary chicken farming techniques like effective breeding and production management. To receive high-quality feed and other inputs at fair costs, they should also build strong ties with the neighborhood poultry dealers. Additionally, they must make sufficient arrangements for the housing, feeding, watering, and medical attention of their birds.

Odisha backyard poultry farming

Additionally, keeping chickens in the backyard significantly improves the viability of poor farmers' livelihoods. It is a significant source of income for rural households in Odisha. Millions of rural people in Odisha depend heavily on traditional backyard chicken farming for a stable income. The backyard sector's low initial costs and rising egg demand give rural residents greater chances for lucrative employment.

By improving the rural population's nutritional status, expanding the backyard poultry industry can lower the high baby and mother death rate. Native poultry species can adapt better to their environment and can live, produce, and breed even under poor management and nutrition levels. Due to their scavenging behavior and lack of veterinary care, the inputs needed are incredibly low.

In Odisha, the startup cost for establishing a backyard chicken farm typically runs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000. In Odisha, the main expenses for maintaining a home chicken farm are feed and water. You must purchase enough bird food to feed your birds all year long and to guarantee that they have access to fresh water. Chicken farmers in Odisha make an average of Rs 20,000 per hectare each year, which is a significant profit margin overall.


In Odisha, raising chicken is a lucrative industry. The main causes of this are the huge demand for chicken products on both domestic and international markets, as well as how inexpensive it is to operate a poultry farm. It's crucial to have a solid business plan if you want to start a chicken farm in Odisha. Odisha is a wonderful location to start poultry farming because of its abundant supply of fertile land and water resources. It is a lucrative industry with significant profit potential.
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