3 Ingenious Ways To Use Regular Yard Carts

3 Ingenious Ways To Use Regular Yard Carts

A yard cart is necessary on every farm. There are numerous applications for these compact carts with four wheels. You're nodding your head as I describe how they're ideal for moving boulders, compost, plant materials, bricks, water, hay bales, tools, and more around a farm since you presumably already own one. Yard carts cover a lot of ground whether they are hauled by hand or towed by a tractor, ATV, or UTV.

However, it's possible that you are still unaware of yard carts' full potential. You've come to the correct place if you're seeking for ideas for innovative ways to use yard carts. Here are three inventive ways to use a yard cart around your farm, depending on the model you have (and we have an easy guide to assist you determine which you need).

1. Bring indoor plants in pots (and out again)

Do you cultivate plants that could be harmed by the chilly temperatures at night where you live? When weather change, transporting plants indoors and outdoors can be made easier with a yard cart.

Perhaps you have seedlings in pots that you want to wait to plant until all threat of frost has passed. You take them outside during the day to enjoy the sunshine, and at night, you tuck them up in a warm garage.

Another option is to cultivate a citrus tree in a pot that is too heavy for one person to lift by hand. Placing the plants on a yard cart will help you move them more quickly and/or easily, whether you're moving a lot of plants or just one big, heavy plant.

2. Dry garlic, onions, etc.

In order to dry crops like onions and garlic, a metal yard cart with a mesh bed may be the ideal solution. For effective drying, the mesh surface allows for a lot of airflow. Additionally, you can harvest while pulling the yard cart behind you.

It's simple to move the yard cart to an area with enough ventilation once your produce has been gathered and stored on it (out of direct sunlight in the case of garlic). If it's going to rain or if it's getting late and you're worried that animals will come by and eat your crop, you can also pull it into a garage.

3. Grow flowers.

The flat beds of some yard carts are ideal for drying onions and garlic. However, you may turn a polypropylene yard cart with raised sides into a flower planter if you have one.

You should drill a few holes in the bottom of the yard cart because good drainage is crucial for any planter. Then you can put gardening soil in the yard cart and plant a lovely assortment of flowers.

What's best? The yard cart is simply towed to various areas, allowing you to add a splash of beauty to any area of your garden or yard. You can switch it up whenever you like.

Your inventive ideas for employing yard carts are undoubtedly flooding your head now that we've gotten the ball rolling. Have fun thinking creatively!

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