Insurance for dairy farms in India: companies, policies, and costs

Insurance for dairy farms in India: companies, policies, and costs

Getting started with Indian dairy farm insurance A company called dairy was created to process animal milk. For human consumption, this is typically done with cows or goats, although it can also be done with buffalo, sheep, horses, or camels. Animal deaths resulting from fire, vehicle accidents, electric shocks, drownings, snake bites, strangulation, poisoning, and other accidents are all covered by dairy farm insurance policies.

Numerous little and medium-sized farms make sure that their animals are covered by the farm policy. Your cattle are covered by dairy insurance in case something unexpected happens. Your animals are regarded as your personal property whether they are kept on a farm, ranch, or used for transportation. We will contribute to the cost of fixing the issue if anything bad happens to them as a result of the insured harm. India's rural residents are shielded from financial loss as a result of the loss of their animals through dairy insurance.

Dairy farms are expensive, and if they fail, farmers may get indebted. Farmers will have complete protection from damage to their dairy farms with dairy insurance. A dairy is typically found on an exclusively dairy farm or as a portion of a mixed farm that does milking. Through the following dairy development plans, the Indian government is attempting to improve the infrastructure for the production, processing, and marketing of high-quality milk, milk, and milk products;

  • National Dairy Development Program (NPDD)
  • National Dairy Plan
  • Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS) 
  • Support Dairy Cooperatives 
  • Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)

A guide to dairy farm insurance, insurance plans, the AgriChoice policy, cow insurance, the significance of dairy loans, and the leading dairy enterprises in India

Plans for insurance protection for dairy farmers
The Kerala State Dairy Producers Welfare Fund Board and the Dairy Cooperative jointly introduced the Ksheera Santhwanam plan, which benefits dairy farmers. There will be four different insurance plans. These are "Gau" Suraksha Policy, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Health Insurance (livestock protection scheme).

When dairy farmers supply the cooperative with milk, their spouses, two children under 25, their parents, and the cooperative's employees all gain. Under this program, every dairy farmer's livestock is covered.

Health protection

A dairy farmer or worker may enroll his or her parents, two children, and spouse in the health insurance program. Under this program, beneficiaries up to the age of 80 will receive Rs. 100,000 in coverage. Beneficiary parents will not be subject to the age restriction. Up until they become 25 or until they get married, children are covered. By paying an additional premium, a dairy farmer can add more children as beneficiaries.

Accident protection

It is a program that only a dairy farmer is eligible for. There will be 7 lakhs of coverage and a 50,000 rupee education grant. The duration is a year. If the policyholder perishes in an accident or continues to be disabled, beneficiaries will profit. 100% coverage in the event of an accident death

Life assurance

Beneficiaries must be between the ages of 18 and 60. One year will be covered by the one lakh rupee coverage. 45 days following the beneficiary's enrollment, the policy will go into force. (Except when it results from an accident.) Suicide will not be covered under the policy.

Suraksha, Gau

The entire cattle owned by the benefit farmer will be covered by the protection plan. The completed enrollment form must be accompanied by a veterinary surgeon's certification and the necessary livestock photos. Only those that comply will be permitted to sign up and pay the registration fee. A distinct tag number must be visible in the animal image. A comprehensive image of the animal should be included on the tag. The beneficiary will receive the entire sum in the event that livestock pass away. 75% of the population will be covered for other diseases like foot-and-mouth disease and anthrax. For coverage, cattle immunization is necessary.

Program for Protecting Dairy Revenue

The Dairy Revenue Protection Program provides protection against sudden drops in each participating operation's quarterly milk sales revenue relative to the level of assured coverage. The amount of milk produced by the dairy producer and the future prices of milk or dairy products (depending on the choice selected by the dairy producer) are the two factors that determine expected revenues.

Policy for dairy farms under AgriChoice

There are risks involved with working with livestock. Because of this, Nationwide's AgriChoice policy covers a variety of reasons why dairy farms fail, including
  • Accidental shooting 
  • Attacks by dogs or wild animals
  • Electrocution
  • Flood damage
  • Loading and unloading accidents
Coverage of the AgriChoice policy
Most dairy enterprises are required by the fundamental policy to protect, including;

Farm buildings and materials, detached garages and other structures, personal belongings, farm machinery and equipment, pasteurization equipment for milk, refrigeration units, and general liability insurance

Offer a wide range of optional coverage options next so you may customize your policy to precisely match the requirements of your dairy farm without having to pay for coverage you don't use.

For Dairy Farms, Optional Agri-Choice Coverage
Protection for your herd Additional types of damage can be avoided for the insured dairy cow. AgriChoice still offers coverage if you decide not to insure your cows in case they are unintentionally shot or crash with a car, train, or other object. There are also high limitations available.
Coverage for your grass - It also includes the cost of the hay or grass that dairy animals need.
Liability protection from unjustified accusations of animal cruelty - Attorney fees for an animal cruelty defense can be very expensive. In situations when you are not found guilty, AgriChoice offers policy coverage for the payment of attorney fees. (Not offered in every state.)
Farming activities interrupted - Provides coverage for lost wages and additional expenses incurred as a result of a disruption in farming operations brought on by the specified cause of loss.
The temperature-sensitive feature provides protection in the event that a refrigeration system malfunctions due to an electrical outage or other problem.
  • leading dairy brands in India
  • Gujarat's Amul-Anand Milk Union Limited
  • Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers Federation Ltd. Nandini Milk
  • Kwality Mother Dairy Limited
  • Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd AAVIN Creamline Dairy Products Ltd (Jersey Dairy) KSE Ltd Parag Milk Foods Ltd
  • Dynamix Schreiber Dairies Ltd.
  • Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. Orissa State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation
  • Dynamix Dairy of Karnataka Cooperative Milk Federation
  • Cooperative Milk Producers Federation of Tamil Nadu Ltd.
  • Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation of Kerala Ltd. (Milma)
  • Animal insurance (Coverage, Claim & Exclusions)
  • One of the most precious resources in the rural community is thought to be the cattle. The majority of the money earned by regular, small, and medium-sized farmers comes from rearing cattle. Another program launched by the Indian government to safeguard the rural economy of the nation is cattle insurance.

What is insurance for cattle?
The rural residents of India are shielded from financial loss as a result of the loss of their cattle through cattle insurance. Livestock is expensive, and losing them can cause farmers to go into debt. Farmers will have complete protection from animal damage with livestock insurance.

Cattle insurance options

Two categories of risks are covered by this policy:

Cattle deaths: This includes fatalities brought on by accidents, injuries, and illnesses brought on by surgical infections.
Permanent disability insurance protects against the possibility of total and permanent incapacity.
What is covered by cow insurance?
Livestock insurance covers a variety of other problems in addition to fire, auto accidents, drownings, electric shocks, poisoning, and snake bites. These consist of;

Natural calamities like storms and earthquakes cause fatalities
Death during surgery due to disease, infection, or calf
For lactating cows, a permanent impairment would result in pregnancy and milk production. This is used to describe the inability to breed bulls.


All indigenous, interbred, and exotic animals are covered by this policy. Milch cows, buffaloes, heifers and calves, stud bulls, and bullocks are among the creatures. The policy offers compensation when an animal dies as a result of;

The incident comprises a fire, a lightning strike, a flood, an inundation, a cyclone, a tornado, a storm, a tempest, a hurricane, an earthquake, a strike, and civil unrest.
  • Surgical procedures
  • illness outbreaks during the policy's coverage period
  • Age range of animals to be covered
  • dairy cows up to 2 years, or the first calving,
  • 3 years old at first calving to 9 years old milk buffaloes
  • Stud bulls 3 years or younger and up to 8 years old
  • buffalo bullocks aged 3 to 9 years
  • Heifers or calves four months after the first calving
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